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I will be straight with you boys ! I am another type of Mistress. 

My domination style is not only that of the cold, stern unsmiling, dark and mysterious dominatrix–I laugh and giggle, gawfaw and titter–it just tickles me pink to see how low my pigs will go. My laugh is what keeps the swine going, validates their worthless existence. My sweet, feminine musical tee-hees lull them into their sweet, stupid submission.

.And i do think that a Mistress is more than the look of a leather/shiny pvc outfit and heels . You will tho see me wearing them because i love and enjoy them but don't be surprised seeing me wearing a tshirt and jeans. Being dominant is much more than wearing certain clothes.

I am unlike anyone else you have ever knelt before. 

I am feisty, playful and unpredictable. I can be a cruel, nasty, sadistic bitch; delighting in humiliating you, degrading you and pushing you to your absolute limits. Constantly testing your submission and dedication to Me.

You will obey!

You will please Me!

You will endure anything I do or say to you!

And you will Thank Me for it!

It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out…


I am allergic to stupidity and time wasters

Take a walk with me

When I am on webcam I get into your mind and show you the right place where you belong ,test limits you never thought u had and show you how your world changes
Something wicked this way comes

My worls is your hope

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Zodiac signCapricorn
Weight53 kilos
Body typeSexy and athletic
Sexual preferenceBisexual
DrinkNon drinker
CityMy location is private

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Your world changes when u meet my eyes
I am fire and ice'll fear the cold and crave the burn

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No better time than now

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